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Powapuff Dnb Powapuff Dnb

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Good, but a bit tame for DnB in my opinion

First I'll put what I thought you did well on this song. The most important thing is that the notes here are pretty accurate. What I mean is that I would be able to tell that this is a power puff girls remix without you needing to tell me so that is worth something :). Another thing I appreciated was that all the sounds you picked blend together pretty well. The mixing is also decent, it's not super crisp but it gets the job done.

With that said, I do have a few suggestions for improvement. Don't worry though, I am a fairly nice guy so I am not going to into you or anything :P. First of all, I thought the drums could be replaced by more beefy samples to give it a bit more bite. Your pads are nice, but I think a gritty bass would help this go from good to great. I also noticed that this could use a more resolved ending, it somewhat lacks a final section where everything comes together and ends with a bang if you get my drift.

To put this very simply, this sounds like it would make good dialogue music or something like a cut scene where the girls or a villain is preparing for battle, but it's a little bit too soft to go well as battle music for an actual fight. If you want a sound example of the more gritty type of DnB I am talking about go ahead and check out "Darkened Path" in my profile and let me know what you think :).

This really isn't bad at all though, keep up the good work man :).

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Taiski responds:

This is exactly the kind of response I want! Thank you!

I agree that the end was a bit weak, Im not very good at composing whole songs you see, so I didnt really know where to go with the song afterwards... And yeah, I definitely need better drum samples.

I listened to your song, 'twas very good xD Do you use many samples? I always wonder if people usually use premade samples or not. I never do, but wonder if I really should think about it.

Thanks for the kind words, and generally a really useful review! :D